Flag Day Monotony Breaker

  Most recipients of these Monotony Breakers are well aware of my long-time love for radio.  As such, I think you’ll appreciate the compilation below of old-time radio shows (courtesy of Judah Rosenwald).  It is really something. . . And speaking or radio  —  I have the pleasure of working at WIRY Wednesday and Thursday […]

“Make Your Day” Monotony Breaker

Today’s Monotony Breaker begins w/ a series of photos that are guaranteed to “make your day”  —  and continues w/ other comedic/entertaining bits.  Enjoy. . . And speaking of “entertainment”  —  check out “Oldies w/ the Old Guy”  Monday Morning at 8:00 am Pacific (11:00 am Eastern).  The theme is “Musical Duos”  —  and will […]