Mardi Gras Monotony Breaker

Today is “Fat Tuesday” (that’s the English Translation for Mardi Gras)  —  and refers to the final day before the start of Lent which is celebrated around the world.  In the US, New Orleans hosts the largest celebration  —  so today’s “Oldies w/ the Old Guy” features this lovely city  —  and the music with […]

Tuesday Mini-Monotony Breaker

Tuesday Morning’s “Oldies w/ the Old Guy” show experienced some technical difficulties  —  but it was recorded and is available for your listening pleasure with a simple click. (it’s really good???) In the meantime  —  today’s Mini MB includes some amazing “map facts”  —  and a couple “cuties”.  Enjoy. . . 1.This map shows […]

Birthday Monotony Breaker

With a “big” birthday coming up in a few days, I thought that today’s Monotony Breaker should be “special”  —  and it is.  Dogs have long been known as “Man’s Best Friend”  —  but did you know they were so smart???  This is followed by some “simple truths”  —  and ends w/ some of the […]

Valentine’s Mini MB

For those who may have missed Tuesday’s edition of “Oldies w/ the Old Guy”  —  it features some great songs w/ “Love” in the title  —  but not the songs that you hear all the time.  Check it out at   and let me know what you think. In the meantime, with the East Coast […]