Mystery Artists Mini Monotony Breaker

Today’s “Oldies w/ the Old Guys” (Mystery Artists) has been uploaded to mixcloud   and is available for your listening pleasure.   Trust me when I suggest that it is enlightening as to who was really singing and playing on a lot of those great hits of the 60’s and 70’s.  And don’t forget, whenever you’re in the mood for “oldies”  —  go to and enter “billdickerson” (no space between “bill” and “dickerson”) in the search box.  You’ll be able to choose from  nearly 70 shows.

In the meantime  —  on with today’s Mini-Monotony Breaker.  Having just turned the big “70”  —  this first one hits pretty close to home. . .


Non Sequitur


And finally  —  truisms  (sort of. . .)




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